PermaClear technology based products are so very different, we don’t sell our cleaning products in shops because it is important that they are explained and understood. An additional benefit of this is of course that costs are reduced and this can be passed on to our customers. Our products have been available via a number of selected mail order partners and TV and more recently Internet based shopping channels, but we are now delighted to be able to offer PermaClear products from this, our new website. All our products are invented, developed and manufactured in the UK.

The automotive range of car care products from PermaClear uses state of the art technology to clean AND protect your car, van, motorhome, motorbike, bicycle…or anything on wheels!

This exciting range of products will save time, money and effort in keeping your often second largest investment in the very best of condition and appearance and were developed the systems following the success of our glass, uPVC and hard surface coating systems for the home.

With the changeable British climate, it’s a real chore to keep your windows clean. Once you’ve cleaned them, you can be sure that there will be a rain shower the very next day. Unfortunately rainwater is not clean and pure – it’s normally carrying dirt or dust ready to be deposited on your glass, window and doorframes.

Likewise, the inside of your windows are constantly bombarded too; the combination of condensation, house dust, not to mention fingerprints (especially if you have children) will soon tarnish all your hard work.

If you look at the surface of glass under a microscope, you’ll see that it isn’t perfectly smooth; there are pits and troughs. This is also true of most of the hard surfaces around the home and they are often even more uneven. It’s this unseen roughness that create anchor points for dirt and moisture which can make cleaning these surfaces frustrating and even more difficult to keep them looking clean. The StayClean range containing PermaClear technology thoroughly clean AND protect you windows, glass, shower screens and other all other hard surfaces around the home such as ceramics, stainless steel, chrome and even granite and marble.

Glass stays clean for up to 6 months – reducing the need for regular cleaning
Easy to use – a single application will clean, shine and protect and is used
just like any other window cleaner or trigger spray cleaner
Safe to use – no toxic fumes or nasty odours
Surfaces are clean, streak free and shiny

PermaClear Technology

To the naked eye, glass and other ‘hard’ surfaces appear to be smooth. At a microscopic level, there are actually lots of pits and troughs that act as an anchor for dirt. The StayClean products within the PermaClear cleaning product range contain polymers that bond to the surface. Although invisible to the naked eye, they leave a layer that fills in the pits and troughs to make the surface perfectly smooth. As a result, water and dirt have no place to become ‘lodged’.

You will feel the difference as you apply the products. As you move the cloth (we advise the use of microfibre cloths in most instances) over the surface, you will instantly feel less ‘drag’. Characteristics of Glass Most of our products contain the polymers blended into a carrier agent – usually water, but sometimes alcohol depending on the application. This enables the coating to be applied instantly and effortlessly. You will see it evaporate in front of your eyes, leaving behind the invisible protective layer.

The PermaClear difference is not clear to see… Yes, you read that right - the PermaClear range of cleaning products is different to most other surface cleaning products you might use around the home or car. At its heart lies PermaClear technology, a special ‘invisible’ coating system, so not only do StayClean products clean surfaces, they protect them by actively repelling water and dirt, keeping the surface looking clear of dirt or grime for much longer!
PermaClear 2 in 1 StayClean Waterless Home Cleaning PermaClear 2 in 1 StayClean Waterless Home Cleaning £9.98 (Inc VAT)
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PermaClear Interior Valet & Protect PermaClear Interior Valet & Protect £6.99 (Inc VAT)
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