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Car Plan Tow Rope
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The CarPlan 2000kg Tow Rope is 18mm thick and 3.5m long.

The rope is ideal for towing cars and other vehicles below 2000kg.

The bright colours of both the rope and warning flag ensure high visibility on the roads.

The CarPlan 2000kg Tow Rope includes both an 'ON TOW' sign and a warning flag, and its slim pack means it is easy to store and use (supplied in a convenient zip bag).

Attention - Please read the vehicle handbook carefully before towing. - Please read full directions for use before towing.

NOTE - The CarPlan 2000kg Tow Rope has been designed to tow vehicles up to the weight capacity of 2000kg, under normal road conditions.
The manufacturer cannot accept responsibility for any other use.
The CarPlan 2000kg Tow Rope complies with code BS EN ISO 7500 - 1 : 2004.

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