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Carplan Double TT Aero 200ml
[Double TT Ae]

CarPlan Double TT Aero 200ml

Double TT is a top quality distress maintenance spray which penetrates, lubricates, releases and protects.

Use Double TT in the home, garden and workshop.

Double TT penetrates and eases corroded parts, fasteners, seized nuts and bolts, cables, linkages etc.
Double TT frees and lubricates locks and hinges.
Double TT lubricates sewing machines, lawn mowers, light machines and tracks.
Double TT stops squeaks on springs, castors, pedals, handles etc.
Double TT leaves a protective coating to help prevent rust and corrosion.
Double TT cleans and removes crayon marks, gum and adhesive from most surfaces.
Double TT Displaces moisture, rain and sea water from metal surfaces, moving parts, and electrical apparatus including ignition systems, automotive, motorcycle and marine engines, garden and DIY tools.
Double TT is also supplied with a handy straw that fits on to the nozzle for intricate jobs.

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