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MaxGEE U-Dry Wash And Protect
[MaxGEE DryWa]

MaxGEE U-Dry Wash And Protect

Waterless Car Wash & Protection System

Supplied with 2 FREE (380 x 380mm) Micro Fibre cloths and 2 Vinyl Gloves


This wonderful product is specifically formulated to wash and protect the car without using any water at all. No need to get the hose out, no need to lug buckets of water back and forth, no mess on the drive...

The special ingredients within the product lubricate and encapsulate the dirt particles and then lift them safely away without scratching or damaging the paintwork and at the same time leaves a durable, invisible protective coating. The coating will help to ensure that paintwork on the car remains looking newer and cleaner for much longer.

Just spray the product on to the dirty surface of the vehicle and spread it using a good micro fibre cloth to cover a section of the vehicle at a time. Allow to dry for a moment and then just polish off with a fresh micro fibre cloth to leave a beautiful finish.

MaxGEE U-Dry Wash & Protect will change the way we clean our cars for good. You should be able to get 4 car washes per 500ml bottle.
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