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MaxGEE Stay Clean Glass
[MXG StayClea]

MaxGEE Stay Clean Glass for glass surfaces

500 ml bottle with sprayer

The product is designed to efficiently clean the surface and apply an invisible and durable polymer coat, in one application, to protect the surface and repel dirt, grime and moisture from all sources. The protective coating will last for up to 6 months.

MaxGEE Stay Clean Glass for vehicles - Use on all glass surfaces including side & rear vehicle windows. Also on hard plastic surfaces such as polycarbonate roofing, shower screens, crash helmet visors etc. Maintains clarity, visibility and appearance at all times.

Application will reduce cleaning frequency, time and effort. Treated glass surface will retain clarity and cleanliness longer because dirt & grime does not adhere to the surface. Even birdlime can be wiped away with very little effort and general dirt and grime can be simply wiped off without the need for strong and/or abrasive cleaners.

Application suggestions for best results

Best not to use in very high temperatures or in direct sunlight MaxGEE Stay Clean Glass for Glass is ready to use straight from the bottle. The product thoroughly cleans the surface and applies an invisible protective coat in one action. The protective coat is durable and very hard wearing and is guaranteed not to fade, crack or discolour.


At first application clean off all heavy soiling such as industrial stains, birdlime, paint, scuffs etc with a good proprietary cleaner such as MaxGEE Stay Clean Glass and ensure that the surface is perfectly dry.

Using the sprayer supplied spray the product evenly over the surface to be treated. Do ensure that immediately after spraying the product on you use a good quality paper towel to spread the product over the area being treated ensuring all corners are covered. Continue to wipe until the area begins to dry off. Then polish the treated area immediately until dry and clear using a clean paper towel.

Continue to polish the surface as necessary until the surface is clean and shining and the surface is clean and dry
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