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MaxGEE StayClean for Glass

MaxGEE StayClean for Glass and also ALL hard surfaces

500 ml bottle with sprayer
(Appearance - Pink Liquid)

MaxGEE StayClean for Glass contains NO acid or vinegar and has been developed to clean all glass inside or out quickly and efficiently, without leaving any streaks or smears that are usually associated with glass cleaning. MaxGEE StayClean for Glass is also a highly effective hard surface cleaner for use inside and out, around the home and garage.

Application suggestions - Easy to use. MaxGEE StayClean for Glass is ready to use straight from the bottle. The non-acidic formulation is easier and safe to use.


The product should always be used to clean and prepare any glass surface for the application of any MaxGEE glass coating products.

Using the sprayer supplied to apply the product evenly over the surface to be cleaned.

Use a microfibre cloth to spread the product over the complete area being to be cleaned. Vertical and horizontal strokes are recommended so as to ensure that all corners are cleaned as well. (For large glass areas such as patio doors etc it is best to clean a proportion of the area at a time (approx. 1/3 at a time)

Continue to wipe over the surface, turning the microfibre cloth occasionally to present a dry area to the surface being cleaned, until it is clean, dry and shining.

Finish off with a final polish using a clean dry polishing cloth or dry micro-fibre cloth
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