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ProShine Clean-Screen 250ml
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ProShine Clean-Screen Advanced Windscreen Washer Fluid - With PermaClear Technology

Clean-Screen is a scientifically advanced washer fluid for your windscreen washer system which creates a non-stick windscreen, reducing the need to use your wipers and helps protect and clean your glass.

Also includes anti-freeze to help prevent your washer fluid from freezing on those cold winter mornings.

* Single-Dose, add the entire bottle of Clean-Screen into your windscreen reservoir and top-up with water
* The PermaClear coating is automatically applied each time you operate the windscreen washers
* No need for extra washer fluids or additives
* Improves clarity and visibility from the very first sweep of the wiper blade
* Quicker and easier de-icing and insect removal
* Unique polymer film repels rain, sleet and snow
* Reduces the need for wipers by up to 70%
* Reduces wiper wear & noise
* Super-Concentrated, one bottle is enough to make 3 litres of screenwash
* Contains anti-freeze ideal for winter conditions
* Gives same results as Rain Away but is automatically applied each time the wash/wipe system is operated

250ml bottle
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