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2 x Revive Power Paste

Revive Power Paste is a multi purpose cleaning paste which can be used on most hard surfaces all around the house.

Revive power paste contains no acids, caustics or bleaches and has no nasty fumes or smells.

It can be used on ovens, cookers, ceramic or halogen hobs, cook wear, microwaves, pans, grills, glass oven doors,
irons, baths, sinks, toilets, tiles, grouting, work surfaces, taps, shower screens, Upvc window frames and doors,
plastic garden furniture, marble floors, alloy wheels, brass, copper, chrome, aluminium, stainless steel, vinyl flooring,
trainers, your hands, and much more.

For burnt surfaces use with a nylon scouring pad similar to what you would use for washing up if it is a really bad
burnt surface we recommend you use a new scouring pad.

For all other areas, use with a damp cloth or sponge.

Great for removing mould, mildew and lime scale.

You will find many uses for revive power paste.
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