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12x PermaClear Auto Windscreen with Anti-Freeze

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PermaClear for windscreens with anti-freeze

PermaClear Washer Fluid - Improved Formula Now With Anti-Freeze

PermaClear is a scientifically advanced washer fluid for your windscreen washer system which creates a non-stick windscreen, reducing the need to use your wipers and helps protect and clean your glass.

Improved formula now includes anti-freeze to help prevent your washer fluid from freezing on those cold winter mornings.

Increased Driver & Passenger Safety
Suitable for all vehicles where wash/wipe facility is fitted
Antifreeze or water based
Unique in Application.
Easy to use
Protective coat applied & maintained automatically
Easier insect & ice removal
Improves clarity and visibility at all times and from the very first sweep of the wiper blade
Better performance in cold conditions
Reduces wiper wear & noise

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